Zaid Abbas suspended for MMA style elbow to head

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What does it take to be ejected from a CBA match?

I’ve seen somebody deliberately punch another player in the back of the head. I’ve seen players put each other in headlocks. I’ve seen players full out body slam others while fighting for a rebound. The only time I’ve ever witnessed a player get kicked out of a game was when Stephon Marbury returned from injury last year. He swung at a Chinese player in a lousy attempt to block the layup and then pushed another Chinese player after the whistle in his first game back. He was tossed. I believe D.J. White and Hamed Haddadi were tossed last season because they were involved in a full out brawl.

Anyway, Zaid Abbas of the Shanxi Brave Dragons purposely elbowed Qingdao player Song Kangming in the back of the head and only received a technical foul. The league would later review this play and suspend the Jordanian for six games. The incident happened right in front of the baseline referee yet he still didn’t kick Abbas out of the game. The CBA also fined Shanixi $16,165 USD for the incident.

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