Volkswagen becomes major sponsor for Chinese Basketball

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FAW-Volkswagen have announced a massive partnership with the Chinese Basketball League (CBA) and the Chinese national basketball team according to Infront Sports & Media.

The three-year deal allows FAW-Volkswagen to receive exclusivity in the official car category and benefit from a full range of brand exposure opportunities in camera view, including on-court LED advertising. FAW-Volkswagen will also have activation rights, such as promotions during game breaks as well as special events with players, are included alongside merchandising opportunities and a hospitality contingent.

Last season, the CBA finals reached a cumulative TV audience of 162 million on CCTV and other regional TV networks in China. The CBA All-Star Game, reaching average cumulative audiences of around 100 million.

Hu Hanjie, FAW-Volkswagen Sales company Ltd. General Manager says, “It is a great honour for Faw-Volkswagen to become a partner of the Chinese Basketball Association. The agreement demonstrates our commitment to supporting the development of Chinese basketball. The partnership is a strong fit and a great milestone achievement for both sides – with the CBA League as the best professional league in China and Faw-Volkswagen as the top car manufacturer in China. The full energy characteristics of the sport, its appeal to young people and the team sport character suits the core values of Faw-Volkswagen very well.”

FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co. Ltd. is a large-scale joint venture passenger car manufacturer between the FAW Group Corporation and Volkswagen AG established in 1991.

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