(VIDEO) Flopping creates another havoc in China

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It all comes down to flopping.

It’s the most disgusting act in basketball and the Chinese are some of the best in the world at it. It’s easy to be the best at fooling referees into thinking you have been fouled when the referees aren’t receiving the proper training to think otherwise. That’s why there is a huge problem in the Chinese Basketball Association when it comes to consistency and control.

Tianjin was in Dongguan for a regular season match against the Dongguan Flying Leopards. The initial video shows Tianjin’s Tian Ye (#4) flopping to the floor after grabbing onto Bobby Brown’s shirt on the initial out of bounds play. The referee was right for calling a foul on Tian Ye but this next video is where things get completely out of hand.

Gu Quan (#12) is a 22 year-old rookie who stands next to NBA veteran Shelden Williams and flops to the ground off of the smallest contact Williams has ever dished out. Williams vents his frustration but walks away before being met by Gu Quan at the free throw line who pretends like he isn’t doing anything wrong. Instead of realizing his role in the league and in the situation, Gu Quan adds fuel to the fire and starts a mini brawl in Dongguan. A plastic bottle appears to fly in the direction of Williams during the altercation.

The CBA and basketball China is notoriously known for its petty little fights that could easily be avoided if they just played basketball the right way.

Dongguan would go on to win the game 133-116.

Nick Bedard (@bedardnick) is the editor-in-chief of Basketballbuddha.com.

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