Understanding the KBL’s new rules and regulations

The KBL will begin its 2015-2016 regular season without the league’s top Korean players and without new KBL rookies leaving some fans in the dark until around mid-October.

With the KBL’s new rules and regulations for the upcoming season, the league has also implemented a schedule change that will see the season begin and finish one month prior to its usual date.

This year’s KBL playoffs began on March 8th, and were scheduled to finish on April 4th. The problem was the Korean Baseball Organizations’s opening night was on March 28th. So the KBL’s finals were interrupted by the most popular sport in Korea’s opening week. That meant Korean sports broadcasting companies forced the KBL to change its game times from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. to avoid scheduling conflict with regular season baseball. Why is this a problem? Most Koreans don’t get out of work until 6:00 p.m. therefor the KBL finals were played in a relatively empty arena.

So to avoid similar problems in the future, the KBL has decided to being its regular season on September 12th, 2015. Problem solved, right? Wrong. This year, the 2015 FIBA Asia Championships (an Olympics qualifying tournament) will take place on September 23rd in China. Fifteen of Korea’s top national players will be excused from league play to take part in this tournament. The league will be without its Korean stars for at least a month. But it doesn’t stop there. If you are excited to see NBA draft prospect Lee Jong Hyun make his KBL debut, you are going to have to wait two months into the season for that to happen as the KBL rookie draft is scheduled for October 26th 2015 due in large part to a Korean College Basketball tournament (the NCAA of Korea) in early October.

Other changes to the KBL include a change in the foreign players format, a shift in the naturalized Korean rules, and a salary cap on Korean players.

Foreign Players

Each team is limited to two foreign players. A height restriction has been placed on one of the two foreigners. Teams can sign one foreign player to any height without restrictions, and one player who does not exceed the maximum height of 193 c.m. (6 feet, 4 inches).

The KBL consists of six rounds. In one round, every team plays against each other once before moving on to round two. The foreign player’s playing time rule is as followed; during round 1 to round 3, only one foreign player is allowed on the floor per team, no exceptions. During round 4 to round 6, the KBL has implemented a 1-2-2-1 format that allows team to play both of their foreign players on the floor at the same time during the second and third quarter only.

Foreign Players salaries

1st round draft pick = $30,000 USD per month (seven months)

2nd round draft pick = $20,000 USD per month (seven months)

The KBL foreign draft process will begin with a mini-camp in Las Vegas on July 18th, 2015 followed by the draft on July 21st, 2015.

A foreign player can not re-sign with the same team more two consecutive times. That foreign player is limited to only three consecutive seasons with the team.

Naturalized Korean players

Beginning this season, naturalized Korean players will be allowed to sign on the same team. The rules used to state that a team can not sign more than one naturalized Korean. But with the salary cap set at $2.1 million it will be hard to sign two high priced naturalized Koreans to one team.

Salary Cap

The salary cap for each KBL team is set at $2.1 million USD. This cap is only for Korean players (foreign players’ salaries are not included in the salary cap).

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