Toney Douglas delivers swinging elbow to Chinese defender

Toney Douglas has had enough.

In the ongoing battle to eliminate Chinese floppers and Chinese cheap shots the foreigners are fighting back. We recently saw Zaid Abbas get suspended six games for his John ‘Bones’ Jones style elbow to the back of a Chinese player, now we see Douglas throwing his own elbow this time to the side of a Chinese players head.

The Chinese player had it coming though. As you can see in the video, the Chinese player slaps Douglas across the face while invading his personal space more than a crowded subway during Beijing rush hour. Douglas was not suspended for the incident, in fact it was the Chinese player who would be ejected from the game for throwing a punch in the aftermath. He would also be suspended for one game.

The most awkward part of the entire incident was the pointless hug at the end of it all. What was that all about?

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