Three in the key; The 2013 KBL Finals Preview

We are often reminded of the catch phrase “three is the magic number”. We are always counting to three as a default countdown, or the old “ok, on the count of three, 1…2…3…

If the old numerical culture in Asia stands correctly (in Asia, three is the number of luck), then three is the number that will allow Ulsan’s Mobis Phoebus to become the 2013 KBL champions. In the last decade, Mobis has won a KBL championship every third year (2007, 2010).

The only thing stopping Mobis from carrying on the traditional numerical pattern is the regular season champion Seoul SK Knights who finished the season with a 44-10 record.

Mobis’ all-star forward Rod Benson is also ambitious to the lucky number three rule. Benson will be playing in his third KBL championship series looking for his first title.

Coach Kyung Eun Moon is and the Knights are looking
for their first KBL championship since the year 2000.
Expect a hard fought series from both teams. SK coach Kyung Eun likes to space the floor and create easy shots with a lot of off ball screening and high percentage shots while Mobis tends to find success running the floor and creating mismatches in transition.
SK’s home court advantage will play a big factor. Jamsil arena is anticipated to be as loud as ever trying to act as the “6th man” on the court. The series kicks off April 13 in Seoul.
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