The next Jeremy Lin is not so Jeremy Lin after all

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[dropcap]In[/dropcap] 2001, a young high school senior by the name of Carmelo Anthony made national attention by being the nemesis of high school basketball star Lebron James. It really came down to two high school all-star players playing for two completely different high school teams.

James played at the unknown St. Vincent St. Mary in Akron, Ohio while Anthony played for the basketball powerhouse Oak Hill Academy.

Oak Hill’s basketball alumni list does not stop at Anthony. The basketball program has funnelled an A-list of pro NBA players such as: Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Michael Beasley and many, many more.

Today, a young 16-year old by the name of Zihao “Chris” Tang calls Oak Hill Academy his home and is  currently on the roster of the Oak Hill basketball team.

Tang moved to the USA from his home country China when he was in the 8th grade. In China, his basketball skills were beginning to draw attention from pro teams who offered him a spot on their club.

Tang’s parents decided to enrole him at the American Christian Academy in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to further his education, and to better enhance his basketball skills.

In an interview with, Tang says “I didn’t really know any English when I got here. The people at the school helped me adjust to American life.”

It was there where Tang found his english name, Chris, named after the Los Angelas Clippers all-star point guard Chris Paul.

Tang’s excellent outside shot and ability to play above the rim at such a young age caught the attention of Oak Hill coach Steve Smith.

By default, Tang receives a lot of comparison to Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin. Tang says “There is nothing I can do about people calling me Jeremy Lin. I wish people would call me Dwayne Wade. I want to play like Wade. An athletic guard who gets to the rim.”

The future is unclear for Tang. One thing is certain, he will play pro basketball in the future. Where remains the vitale question.

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