The KBL chooses Molten as official game ball

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) is introducing a new Official Game Ball for the 2015-2016 KBL season. The new ball, manufactured by Molten, is the official game ball provider for international FIBA competitions.

This marks the second change of game ball in as many years for the KBL. Last season, after failed contract negotiations with different basketball companies, the league thought they finally scored a deal with Nike only to see it fall apart do to procrastinations in the KBL front office. The league did end up using Nike basketballs with no revenue as a sponsor. The league did not comment on details of the new deal with Molten but stated it was a one-year agreement.

The Philippines Basketball Association introduced the Molten GL7X, and while adapting to a new game ball takes time, Philippines basketball expert Enzo Flojo of says the players generally like the Molten ball.

“I spoke with a few players of the PBA and they said there’s a slight adjustment compared to the “regular” ball, which has fewer panels, but generally it’s fine. Some remarked that the GLX7 is easier to grip, but because it’s different from what the UAAP (our most popular collegiate league) uses, some players who have moved up to the pros needed time to adjust.” Enzo Flojo of


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