The Chinese Tracy McGrady Saga Comes to a Close

Tracy McGrady arrived in China mid-November of 2012. Since then, he has played in 30 of the 32 games that make up a CBA season, (missing two games, one to injury and another to suspension) he has won eight of those 30 games.

McGrady’s Quindao Double Star Eagles finished the year in last place as the season came to a close Sunday. McGrady stated early in the season during a seven game losing streak that he was here not to win a championship.
“I didn’t expect to come here and win a championship in the first year, I am actually here to help these guys to become better basketball players.” says the 33-year old McGrady.
As the season progressed, the hill seemed to only get steeper for McGrady as he and the Double Star Eagles kept losing. The club decided to first their Korean head coach, Kang Jung-Soo and also part ways with McGrady’s foreign teammate (each team is allowed only two foreign players) former Los Angelas Lakers centre and two-time NBA champion D.J. Mbenga.
Fans go crazy when Tracy Mcgrady takes centre stage for an event in China.
McGrady’s struggles didn’t seem to bother his supporters. The fans voted him in as a starting forward for the 2013 CBA All-Star game. The CBA All-Star game takes place between the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs.
Although McGrady says he is honoured to be chosen for the game, he will not be attending.
In a statement released on his Weibo account, McGrady says, “I won’t play in the game, as I have been dealing with the sickness of my grandmother for a few weeks. I need to be with her right now and hope you all understand my predicament.”
During a pre workout stretch, Tracy McGrady is surrounded by Chinese media.

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McGrady finished his CBA season averaging 25pts, 7 rbs and 5 ast. The Boston Celtics and head coach Doc Rivers, who once coached McGrady in Orlando, are reported to have interests in signing McGrady to add depth to their roster for a late season push towards the post season.

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