The Chinese tale of Delonte West

A day after being released from his Chinese team, Delonte West was in uniform playing for the same team who cut him.

Confused yet?

Not only did he play, but he played exceptionally well. It took five overtime periods but in the end West led the Fujian Sturgeons to a 178-177 win (CBA record for most OTs and highest in-game total).


His stat-line was impressive; 37 points, eight rebounds and 11 assists.

Now, why was West playing a day after getting cut from his team?

According to various reports out of China, Delonte’s wife has an expired visa causing a delay in their departure from the country. Fujian Sturgeons officials thought if West is still in town, they might as well play him. Why not right?

After the game, Fujian head coach said he wished West played like this all season and that is status on the team remains questionable.

Strange, strange stuff for Delonte West, Fujian Stuergeons and the Chinese Basketball Association.

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