The Buddha Remembers – Taiwanese guy owning Lebron

Once upon a time Lebron James got absolutely schooled by a random Taiwanese baller during a Lebron James promotional event in Asia.

This is a Taiwanese tale that will live on for generations and generations to come.

So basically Lebron starts out on top, dribbles, dribbles and dribbles more before getting stripped of the ball by the Taiwanese player who we will refer to as simply #31. He, #31, takes possession of the ball and runs a one-man fast break with “the chosen one” lining himself behind him for his signature rundown block.

Instead of the patented Lebron block, #31 delivers a “Kodak Moment” to King James. A two hand stuff right in Lebron’s grill.

After getting dunked on, Lebron tries something weird on the other end but just ends up travelling and throwing the ball out of bounds.

The icing on the cake came when #31 drilled a three in Lebron’s face.

The Buddha Remembers – #31

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