The Buddha Remembers – Ha Seung Jin

[dropcap]ON[/dropcap] June 24, 2004, a Korean giant was drafted to the National Basketball Association by the Portland Trail Blazers.

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Ha Seung Jin as a young child (right).

At 7 ft 3 in, Ha Seung Jin was born with basketball in his DNA. His father played for Korea’s national team in 1978 and his sister who stands at  6 ft 6 in was drafted by the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA.

Although his NBA career only lasted two short seasons, he will always be remembered as the first Korean ever to be drafted to the NBA.

In 2009, Ha Seung Jin moved back to Korea where he was signed by Jeonju KCC Egis of the Korean Basketball League (KBL). It took no time for Ha to make his presence felt in Korea. He would lead the Egis to two KBL championships in three years.

Ha Seung Jim, now 27 years old, recently got married and is completing his two years of mandatory military service in Korea while continuing his pro basketball career in the KBL.

Quick Fact

Ha Seung Jin was once asked why he chose the number five, he said,

“I want to choose five because first, I want to be amongst the five best in my team, and further, one of the best five players in the NBA.” – HA Seung Jin

You can’t knock the man’s ambitions.

We wish Ha Seung Jin great fortune,

– Basketball Buddha

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