The 2013-2014 Korean Basketball League All-Stars announced

The starting lineups 2013-2014 KBL All-Stars have officially been released.

The fans registered 923,091 total votes to decide the starting lineups.

Here are the starting five for team DREAM.

Kim Jong-Kyu – LG
Lee Seung-Jun – Dongbu
Ham Ji-Hoon – Mobis
Cho Sung-Min – KT
Yang Dong-Geun – Mobis (most votes with 46,885)


Kim Si-Rae – LG
Jeon Tae Poong – Orions
Kim Joo Sung – Dongbu
Moon Tae Young – Mobis
Choi Jin Su – Orions
Anthony Richardson – KT
Rod Benson – Mobis

Here are the starting five for team MAGIC.

Oh Se-Keun – KGC
Aaron Haynes – SK
Chang Min-Kug – KCC
Kim Min-Goo – KCC
Kim Sun-Hyung – SK


Jeoung Young Sam – Incheon
Kang Byung Hyun – KCC
Kim Tae Sul – KGC
Lee Dong Jun – Samsung
Michael Dunigan – Samsung
Yang Hee Jong – KGC
Choi Bu Kyung – SK

The all-star game is set to take place on Sunday, Dec. 22nd at Jamsil arena in Seoul.


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