Taiwanese forward Quincy Davis ineligible for 2014 Asian Games

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American born basketball pro¬†Quincy Davis is a naturalized Taiwanese citizen and has been since July of last year. He’s been living in Taiwan for exactly 34 months. The Asian games require each naturalized player to have a minimum of 36 months residency in their adopted country.

This makes Quincy Davis officially ineligible to participate in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

A day in the life of Quincy Davis in Taiwan

The Davis-Asian Games story has been a strange one all year long. On May 19th, 2014 the Olympic Council of Asia declared Davis as eligible to participate in the games. On August 28th, the Incheon Asian Games committee had another investigation opened and sent a request to China to send additional documents on Davis’ behalf. And finally on September 4th, it was made a official that Davis has been disqualified from the Asian Games.

A lot of Asian basketball are pointing the blame at the South Korea basketball association for trying to level the competition and using “home court advantages” to dictate the rules. Others are blaming the Chinese national basketball association for lobbying against Taiwan to prevent another loss like the one faced at the 2013 FIBA Asia championships.

The entire basketball naturalization project has been a big mess leading up to the 2014 Asian Games. With the disqualification of Davis, we can expect Philippines naturalized citizen Andray Blatche to also be absent from the games.

Davis will be replaced by Taiwanese player Chou Po-chen.

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