Pro basketball in Korea aims spotlight on college athletes (VIDEO)

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A college basketball player’s dream is to one-day play professional basketball. They idolize their favorite pro players, religiously watch their favorite pro teams and love playing in pro arenas.

It’s late November in South Korea, and as the weather is getting colder, the competition between pro and college heats up drastically.

This is the KBL’s newest arena, Goyang Gym in Goyang.

One could call it the March Madness of Korea as eight universities from the Seoul region square off in a super tournament for the grand championship. Here is where the pro-college twist comes into play. In the round robin stage of the tournament, each college will have the opportunity to play against one KBL pro team (seeing how there are 10 pro teams and only eight college teams, two pro teams will play two college teams in the next round).

The KBL stops their season, and gives a helping hand in developing basketball in Korea by allowing their pro teams to give the young college players some exposure. Keep in mind that star players, import players and KBL veterans do not take part in the tournament do to obviously injury risks that could affect the team.

A KBL cameraman gets a shot of the tournament trophy.
On the college side, it’s a win-win situation. This tournament allows the colleges because it’s a great recruiting tool (think of high school seniors watching this tournament, it could play a huge role in his college decision making), it’s a great way for college players to play in front of professional team scouts, and it allows them to play in a pro-type atmosphere.
The tournament is well organized, and hats off to the KBL for their effort in trying to grow the basketball product in South Korea. 

I put together a couple of highlights of the game. They are yours to Credit union point enjoy. – BB

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