Post game brawl during CBA playoffs

Both teams met outside the locker room after game three of a 2015 Chinese Basketball Association quarterfinal match between the Qingdao DoubleStar Eagles and the Shanxi Brave Dragons to exchange words among other actions.

After Von Waffer was ejected late in the fourth quarter for punching a Chinese player, tension were high from both squads. Qingdao would end up winning the game and complete the three game sweep of Shanxi but Shanxi foreigner Jeremy Tyler wasn’t ready to go out without a fight.

Haddadi met Tyler at center court after the game before being shoved back. To Haddadi’s surprise, Tyler insists on meeting outside the locker room. From there, Shanxi security steps in and an ugly seen prevails.

The CBA has faced a public relations nightmare this season in regard to fighting and reckless play. Rules have been placed to prevent this but they have not been enforced. This will be a busy off-season for the front office CBA staff.

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