PEAK sports announce deal with KBL’s Incheon ET Land

Chinese sports apparel company PEAK announced its new partnership with the Korean KBL team Incheon ET Land Elephants in Seoul on Monday.

PEAK becomes the first Chinese sports apparel company to sponsor a team in South Korea. Incheons ET Land representative Kim Sung Hun says, “I am so honored to have the opportunity to do business with PEAK. When it comes to sports, they are a company with high standards in technology and competitiveness. I hope we can win while wearing their brand.”

The Incheon ET Land Elephants will receive about $350,000 USD worth of equipment from PEAK over the span of five years. With over 8,000 stores worldwide, its only a matter of time before we see PEAK open a store in South Korea. PEAK is the main apparel sponsor for the upcoming 2015 FIBA Asia Championships in China.

Rapidly gaining ground in the international sporting world, the Chinese company is the sponsor of a number of NBA teams. PEAK has also establish a solid foundation of NBA players on its roster including four-time NBA champion and 2007 NBA finals MVP Tony Parker as their main star. Currently, PEAK has nine total NBA players on its roster.

A spokesperson for PEAK also commented on the possibility of bringing Tony Parker to South Korea for a promotional event.

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