Pattillo show at KBL All Star Game – Korean Basketball League

The Magic team celebrates a 120-118 victory at Seoul’s Jamsil Sports Gymnasium.
Photo by: Nick Bedard

Korean basketball fans got more than just an All-Star game in Seoul, South Korea, they got a nail-biting dramatic performance right down to the final seconds of the game.

With 2.8 seconds remaining in the 2013 Korean Basketball League (KBL) All Star game, first year All Star Juan Pattillo pulled up 18-feet from the basket and hit the game winning shot over the fan favourite Rod Benson giving the Magic team a 120-118 victory over the Dream team.

“Luckily we had an opportunity to put a shot up to win the game. My teammates gave me a lot of confidence to take that last shot, so I won the game,” says Pattillo, 24, who played his college basketball for the Oklahoma Sooners before transferring to Western Kentucky in his final year.

Benson led the Dream team with 25 points and 13 rebounds. Down the stretch, Benson and Pattillo were matched up toe to toe exchanging baskets.

“I’d say it was getting pretty intense, but at the same time it’s all fun and games. There are no winners or losers, it’s all for the fans,” says Benson.

Pattillo’s magic soju
Juan Pattillo’s 33 point performance secured him the 2013 KBL All Star game MVP.

Photo by: Nick Bedard
Nobody is certain as to what was put into his water bottle but one thing is for sure, it was a ‘magical day’ for KGC’s Juan Pattillo.

Pattillo, in his first year in the league, was voted by the fans as a starter for the Magic team. His first achievement of  the came when winning the Slam Dunk contest, later on, he would hit the game winning shot scoring a game-high 33 points earning him MVP.

“At the end of the day, it’s all for the fans. I didn’t come into the game trying to get the MVP, it’s just something that happens within the flow of the game,” says Pattillo.
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