Michael Beasley’s CBA All-Star money was stolen

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After winning the CBA All-Star Game MVP award for the second consecutive year, Mike Beasley’s $1,500 cash prize was stolen from his gym bag in the locker room.


China’s leading basketball website, HUPU, reported that Beasley put the cash in his bag before the bag suddenly went missing. After receiving his ridiculously small CBA All-Star Game MVP Trophy (made in China), Beasley received 10,000 RMB from CBA officials along with some free Li Ning gear (the league’s main sponsor). He placed the cash in the Li Ning bag, and when he turned around the bag was gone.

Beasley's bag with the money inside of it returned to local authorities.

Beasley’s bag with the money inside of it returned to local authorities.

Beasley went to the police to try and track down the missing cash, but before they could find out who did it the “fan” (probably a member of the media seeing how they are the only ones with locker room access) brought it back to authorities. Finally, Beasley got his $1,500 back. Beasley earned $32 million in seven years playing in the NBA. The NBA All-Star Game MVP gets $100,000 from the league.

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