Marijuana, 75 points and a couple of NBA old timers; basketball in Asia.

Wondering what goes on in Asia while the NBA season is at its peak? Well here are a couple of interesting stories that are making headlines around asia..
1. Douby lights up 75 points in Chinese Basketball Game
Former Toronto Raptor Qunicy Douby set a Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) record with a 75-point game. Douby was drafted by the Sacramento Kings in the first round of the 2006 NBA Draft but never panned out to expectations.

Douby started his CBA career playing for the Xinjiang Flying Tigers and is now playing for the Zhejiang Golden Bulls alongside another former NBA player, Eddie Curry.
A few months ago in the basketball world we saw a Division 3 player from the USA pour in 138 points in a game. The downside to this feature was the fact that he took 108 shots to get there.
Douby’s stat line is quite impressive. In 35 minutes of play, he made 23 of 38 shots, of those 38 shots 15 of them were three point shots, making nine of those 15 threes.
2. Marijuana is a basketball nightmare in Asia
Washington in the BJ League All Star Game. Photo from Japan Times.
 Let’s take you to Osaka Japan for the this story. His name is Lynn Washington.
Washington played his college basketball under the legendary coach Bob Knight at Indiana. He then packed up his bags and headed east, far east to Japan to play pro basketball.
During his career in Japan, Washington was a BJ-League MVP and two-time all star game MVP.
All was well until March 13, 2012; Washington was arrested by Japanese police on suspicion of smuggling about 1kg of marijuana into Japan. The marijuana was sent by mail from California with Washington’s wife’s name on the package.
Washington was forced to retire from basketball leaving a strong legacy in Japan, not only on the basketball court where his ex-coach said, “we lost the greatest player in Japanese basketball history.”
Washington pleaded not guilty to all charges and ended up winning the case. In the aftermath, Washington said, “God bless the best criminal lawyer in Japan.”
3. Who’s hot and who’s not in the Chinese Basketball League
I’m going to focus this short piece on three former NBA All-Stars who are now playing in Japan; Tracy McGrady, Stephon Marbury and Gilbert Arenas.
McGrady (left) is having troubles adapting to China.
 McGrady, now 33 years old, is playing in Qingdao, China. McGrady’s Qingdao Double Star Eagles are currently in last place of the CBA. If the standings don’t tell the story, then let me break down McGrady’s headlines that have hit Chinese newsstands this season.
It’s inevitable for a foreign player to go through a couple of set backs while playing in a different country (culture shocks, jetlag, lifestyles changes etc).
Just to name a few; McGrady’s introduction to China was (after a 15 hour flight) mobbed at the airport by screaming fans. He then caught the public eye when he walked off the court claiming he had diarrhea (got to love that Chinese food).

 McGrady, while losing eight straight games, was frustrated with opponents shooting and making three pointers right in his face. He retaliated by elbowing a Chinese player in the jaw.

Finally, the straw that broke the camels back was when McGrady was fined about $1,600 for threatening to leave the CBA due to bad officiating saying, “The CBA has to do a better job with the officiating, my team plays hard and the three blind mice take it away from us every night. No way I’m coming back if the officiating continues to be this errant.”
Gilbert Arenas throw a fist pump during CBA action.
Gilbert Arenas, 31, is currently under contract with the Yao Ming owned Shanghai Sharks of the CBA.
Arenas got off to the worst start possible. In the first 6 minutes of his CBA debut, Arenas pulled his hip flexor and had to leave the game.
Nothing can really bother Arenas at the point; he’s still collecting $20 million from his former NBA team (Orland Magic) while playing at a lower pace in the CBA.
Arenas, back from injury, is playing quite well (although his Shanghai Sharks are only one spot above McGrady’s last place Double Star Eagles). He is not ruling out an NBA comeback either. Arenas recently said, “Maybe when the CBA season is over, I will go back to the US for the playoffs.”
Marbury is one of the quickest guards in the CBA. photo from bloomberg
Stephon Marbury is the poster child of foreign NBA success. He has well adapted to the Chinese lifestyle and is very involved in the community.
Last season, Marbury hoisted his first CBA championship with the Beijing Ducks. He is a perennial all star and the only thing holding him back from winning the MVP is his nationality (only Chinese players can win the MVP award).
Marbury’s Ducks are in a great spot to challenge for a repeat CBA championship currently sitting comfortably at the third spot of the 17-team CBA.

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