Marbury calls out Xi Jinping to show love for basketball

Chinese basketball commissar Stephon Marbury took to his Sino Weibo account Monday and called for Chinese president Xi Jinping to take a photo while holding a basketball. Marbury says this would be epic. And he’s not wrong.

What the president does in his photos plays a major role on how the Chinese act. If the president takes a photo while eating fish and chips, the Chinese start to like fish and chips (as seen during Xi’s recent trip to the UK). Xi’s love for the game of soccer is no secret. From taking selfies with Man City players to attempting goal kicks for the cameras, the Chinese president is not shy in showing his love for soccer.

Good afternoon China! I hope one day the president could hold a basketball at a basketball game. That would be epic! – Stephon Marbury

But he rarely speaks of the sport in which 300 million of his people register to play, basketball. In the last five years, Marbury has done an excellent job in growing the popularity of China’s domestic basketball product. The Chinese Basketball Association is on pace to overtake the Euroleague in becoming the second best basketball league in the world. But Marbury can’t do it alone. A photo of Xi Jinping holding a CBA basketball would elevate the domestic product to a whole different level.

Here are some past basketball related photos of Xi Jinping.

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