Lord Marbury stars in new VICE mini documentary

Awkward, weird, and awesome, that’s all you really need to know about The Coney Island Kid: A Starbury is (Re)Born in China VICE Sports documentary. In this mini-doc, VICE corespondent Isobel Yeung gets a rare inside look at Beijing biggest star(bury).

At 0:35 seconds, you see Stephon Marbury’s statue which is located right outside the MasterCard Center in Beijing. The Beijing Ducks honored Marbury with a statue after winning his first CBA championship in 2010.

At 0:50 seconds, local Beijingers weigh in on their views of King Marbury. Most of them have no idea of his American life and view that time as Marbury, the NBA player who was a really good point guard. They don’t know about Marbury & Garnett in Minnesota or any other negative press Marbury received in America. They only know the Marbury who came to Beijing and starting riding the subway, reading the China Daily newspaper while winning CBA championships. Marbury wanted to be loved, and Beijingers are loving people. Love is Love.

At 1:45, VICE’s Isobel Yeung walks in the venue to an “ambitious amount of seats” wondering if the show was going to sell out. Of course, it did.

At 2:15, Marbury explains why he’s in Beijing, “it was an opportunity for me to come here and play… and build my brand.”

At 3:40, we learn about Chinese/American comedian Mike Sui. I didn’t know anything about this guy so I did a quick search on Youtube and found this clip to be quite funny.

At 4:38, a “fake” Stephon Marbury appears on stage and starts dribbling two basketballs… wow!

At 5:14, half naked cheerleaders are dancing on stage.

At 5:46. Marbury the god delivers a public service announcement on the giant monitor. He goes on with words of wisdom like, “you have to learn to face the reality” and “live in the moment, be positive and believe in yourself”. In a god-like motion, Marbury (who’s figure on screen is 20x larger than the emotionally unstable comedian on stage) says, “stand up, rise up, cheer up,”.

At 6:41, a Chinese man in the audience appears to be sleeping.

At 6:46, Martin Luther Marbury presents his ‘I have a Beijing dream’ speech.

At 7:09, the spotlight shines on Stephon Marbury who is on center stage with his Beijing Ducks jersey on.

From that point on, Marbury just does and says a bunch of crazy stuff… 


Nick Bedard (@bedardnick) is the editor-in-chief of Basketballbuddha.com.

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