Liaoning displays more classless behavior following win

Fast forward to the 0:15 mark for female reporter’s live video

The Liaoning Leopards pulled off a big home win against the Gaungdong Southern Tigers. But only weeks after a fan threw a bottle at his home team player’s face, the Liaoning organization made themselves look even more unprofessional as a team executive slapped a camera-phone out of a female reporters hands.

It was an excellent game, back and forth. With 25 seconds remaining, and Guangdong up by one, a Guangdong player drove through the middle of the key before committing an offensive foul. Guangdong’s coach was furious with the call, but nevertheless, they were still up by one.

That’s when reigning league MVP Lester Hudson came through with a huge three over Yi Jianlian to win the game.

After the game, a Guangdong reporter rushed to the scorers table where the Guangdong coach was getting into it with the officials and the scorers judge. She would be met by a Liaoning team executive who is reported to be a government official’s brother. He didn’t like the female reporter standing there with her camera-phone so he attempted to block her out. She wouldn’t move, so he swung at the female reporter knocking the camera out of her hands.

The man, who’s name is unknown, is linked to political ties in Liaoning that scored him a sweet job with the local professional basketball team. So far this season, Liaoning has proven its status as one of the bad apples of the Chinese Basketball Association.

Coach probably won’t get suspended for grabbing a ref

The other loser in this story is Guangdong head coach Du Feng approached the officials after the game and grabbing one with such force that the official was pushed forward. The game was tight, the officiating was fair, but when Du Feng’s squad wasn’t able to contain Lester Hudson at the end, he vented his frustration out on the referees.

Fast forward to 0:30 mark for coach Du Feng’s incident.

The Chinese Basketball Association is becoming more and more popular on the international stage, but it will continue to smear its own image if it allows ruthless behavior to continue without penalties.

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