Kobe Bryant’s dad coaching in Bangkok (VIDEO)

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If you are following the 2013 NBA playoffs, then you know Kobe Bryant has been very active, not on the floor, but off the floor.

Due to a torn achilles,  Bryant has been forced to the inactive list, opening up some free time to update his twitter account during Lakers playoff games.

But where are these tweets coming from? his living room? the physiotherapy centre? THAILAND? (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

Joe Bryant’s Asian coaching career started in 2006 when he landed a coaching position with the Tokyo Apache of the Japanese BJ League. His stint with the BJ League only last one year as he would take on a job in Italy.

In 2012, Bryant was acquired to become the head coach of the Bangkok Cobras of the ASEAN basketball league (ABL).

The ABL interview Kobe on his dad’s recent engagement with the ABL, Kobe says, “My dad enjoys coaching so I think it’s great for him because he gets a chance to spread the awareness of the game. He can help all the kids and all the players there to have a better understanding of the game.”

Bryant has been coaching in the ABL for over a year now. He also serves as a basketball mentor for Thailand youth basketball committees.

Nick Bedard (@bedardnick) is the editor-in-chief of Basketballbuddha.com.

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