KBL referee suspended after blown call

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) is cracking down on referee performances with its recent suspension of KBL referee Lee Jung Hyup.

The suspension was handed down to Lee Jung Hyup after his blown call in a game that featured Wonju Dongbu Promy and Anyang KGC. With four minutes to go in the 4th quarter, KGC guard Lee Jung Hyun attempted a three-point shot before extending his leg in a kicking motion towards the Dongbu defender to try and draw a foul. KBL referee Lee Jung Hyup bought the bait and awarded Lee Jung Hyun three free throws. The entire arena saw the delibrate kicking attempt by KGC’s Lee Jung Hyun except for referee Lee Jung Hyup who was convinced that the Dongbu player fouled Lee Jung Hyun.

Upon further investigation from the league, they came to a conclusion that it was indeed a bad call. So much so, that the referee is to be suspended for one-week. KGC’s Lee Jung Hyun has also been disciplined by the league. He is to pay a $500 USD fine for his flopping act.

Nick Bedard (@bedardnick) is the editor-in-chief of Basketballbuddha.com.

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