KBL coach under police investigation for bribery

Because of bribery allegations, another Korean Basketball League (KBL) head coach is being investigated by Seoul Police. This time it’s LG Sakers head coach Jin Kim, who allegedly paid a lump sum of $85,000 USD to Korea University for his son to be granted a spot on the university basketball team (and get his undergrad in basketball, that’s a real thing in Korea).

Jin Kim has spoken publicly denying these allegations. “Everyone has their own life values. I’m sad to hear this news that has nothing to do with my life values,” said Kim. “I feel awkward that my son, who has a strong passion for his dream to play basketball, has to go through all of this.”

Korea University initially denied Jin Kim’s son from the school, but once the alleged transaction was made, Jin Kim’s son found himself a spot on the roster. This investigation might lead the police to some unwelcoming territory. There have been rumors that the big university’s in Korea hold the kids of wealthy parents for ransom knowing they have deep pockets.

A total of six student basketball players including the son of a coach from Incheon ET Land are being investigated.


Nick Bedard (@bedardnick) is the editor-in-chief of Basketballbuddha.com.

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