KBL changes rule on video replay

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) is making progressive steps toward fixing one of their biggest problems, inconsistent officiating.

This season, the KBL changed their entire rulebook adopting the FIBA rules which includes the use of video replay with under two minutes left in the game. But comments throughout the basketball community in Korea begged that the KBL use video replay throughout the entire game.

“If you’re going to use it under two minutes, you might as well use it for the entire game. At the end of the day, it’s about getting the call right,” says a league insider.

The new rules will allow the referees to use video replay throughout the game for specific reasons.

Reasons such as:

– Reviewing if a shot was released before the shot clock hit zero

– Out of bounds plays (who touched it last)

– When a hard foul takes place, referees can review to see if it was a Flagrant 1, a Flagrant 2, or a regular foul

– When a player is fouled in the act of shooting near the three-point line, the referee can review to see if a player’s foot was on the line or if in fact he was beyond the three-point line.

– And of course, the referee can review a call in which they feel the need to (I don’t really understand this rule, but we can just roll with it)

The fact that this is the first year for video replay in Korea means that you can expect a few mishaps here and there. But if you are going to implement a rule, make sure you get it right, and be efficient. I once watched KBL referees spend five minutes using video replay to figure out why there was more time on the shot clock than the game clock. A simple clock malfunction turned into a five minute discussion around the sideline TV monitor. I will never get those five minutes back and neither will anyone else who was watching that game.

Nick Bedard (@bedardnick) is the editor-in-chief of Basketballbuddha.com.

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