Jordan Crawford’s epic 72 point game

Nearly five months after an explosion rocked the city of Tianjin, another explosion hit the city, this one was at the hands of American basketball player Jordan Crawford. China’s best basketball team, the Sichuan Blue Whales, did not see this coming. They arrived on a cold January night in Tianjin with no foresight on what was about to happen. It’s game time, and Crawford had one thing on his mind, get buckets. He would shoot the ball 52 times including 12 three-pointers (making only four of them) and go 18 of 20 from the free throw line to finish with 72 points.

On January 8, 2015, Jordan Crawford of the Tianjin Golden Lions made 25 of his 52 shots going 18 of 20 from the line along with 16 rebounds, 0 assists and 3 steals.

But buckets weren’t the only thing Crawford was hungry for, he wanted rebounds. And he would get them racking in 16 for a casual double-double. All that effort wasn’t enough for Crawford and the Tianjin Golden Lions as they would fall to Hamed Haddadi and the Sichuan Blue Whales by a final score of 113-104. With the loss, Crawford and Tianjin are official eliminated from any chances of making the 2015-2016 CBA playoffs. But Crawford certainly deserves an A for effort. Last season, C.J. McCollum’s brother Errick McCollum scored 82 points and also lost the game. Two years ago, Bobby Brown scored 74 points in a double overtime victory for Dongguan. And three years ago, Quincy Douby went off for 75 points.

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  1. Eric_Suede

    January 11, 2016 at 11:23 pm

    Great game but bottomline is “THEY LOST”. Always an accomplishment to score that often but if the team still sucks really is of no benefit. Ballhog much.

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