Jordan Crawford taking his talents to China

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You might remember Jordan Crawford as the university sophomore who put Lebron James on a poster at his own camp.

Or you might remember Jordan Crawford as the Xavier Musketeer who led the school to the sweet 16 in 2010.

Still can’t recognize Jordan Crawford?

Ok, then you certainly remember the time he told Carmelo Anthony that Kevin Garnett was having sex with his wife.

Yes, it’s a true story. After game five of the 2013 Knicks vs. Celtics series, Crawford told Anthony that KG was having too much fun with Anthony’s wife LaLa. This was all after KG told Anthony that LaLa was like “Honey Nut Cheerios”. So essentially Crawford was adding fuel to the fire.

Now you remember Jordan Crawford, right?

Well Crawford can ball.

He is currently an NBA free agent who hasn’t been able to find a team.

When the Xinjiang Flying Tigers called and offered Crawford $2 million USD, he accepted. Crawford will spend 2014-2015 playing in the Chinese Basketball Association.

Crawford’s NBA contract has expired. He was making $2.1 million last year playing the first half of the season in Boston and the second half of the season for the Golden State Warriors.

Crawford will most likely replace Lester Hudson as Xinjiang’s foreign guard. The Liaoning Flying Leopards have expressed big-time interest in Hudson and are expected to sign him in the near future.

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