Joe Jackson dunks all over South Korean big man Kim Jongkyu

They were down by a bucket with four minutes to go. Troy Gillenwater lost him at the perimeter. We all know Joe Jackson is quick. So he moves to the lane with ease. Kim JongKyu is there to help. There’s no way Jackson (6 ft. 1) can get up against the (6 ft. 9) Korean big man. Oh but he did. Both players gather their feet and leave the floor at the same time. Only Korean war veterans can remember the last time a sound so horrifying rang across the country. BOOM!

Jackson got up and threw it down all over Kim JongKyu. Of course, Jackson would lead his Goyang team to a 74-70 victory. After a dunk like that, there’s no way you could lose. In 24 minutes of playing time, Jackson finished with 19-5-5.

After losing one of Korea’s all-time imports Aaron Haynes to injury, the Goyang Orions have put a lot of pressure on the shoulders of 23-year-old Jackson and he has delivered.

The Orions remain at the top of KBL standings with a 19-4 record.

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