Jeremy Lin’s perfect start to the 2013-2014 NBA season

It’s been 638 days since the inception of Linsanity.

Since then, Jeremy Lin signed a three-year $25 million dollar contract with the Houston Rockets. He starred in a documentary (Linsanity) that made its way to the international big screens.

With the addition of Dwight Howard, Lin and the Rockets are a serious contender for the NBA championship.

Despite all of that, Lin started the season coming off the bench against the Charlotte Bobcats. He lost his starting position to Rockets guard Patrick Beverly. If you are an Oklahoma City Thunder fan you might remember Beverly as the guy who collided with Russell Westbrook in game 5 of the playoffs resulting in a torn meniscus for Westbrook.

Beverly was solid during that playoff series and showed a lot of promise during the preseason earning the starting role over Lin.

Unfortunately for Beverly, he suffered a torn muscle in his mid-section during the first half of the season opener that forced him out of the starting job. The Rockets said Beverly will miss action for at least two weeks. Lin took back his starting role in Beverly’s absence.

Lin’s early contribution to the team hasn’t gone unnoticed. He is a pass first point guard on a team with the one of the best offensive talents in the league with James Harden and plays a solid pick-and-roll game with Howard.


The Rockets are a perfect 3-0 to start the season with wins over the Bobcats, the Dallas Mavericks and the Utah Jazz.

Lin started two of the Rockets first three game averaging 16 points and three assists per game.

Here’s Lin’s shot chart from his first three games.


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