Jeremy Lin records first career triple-double

There are many interesting aspects to Jeremy Lin’s first career triple-double but before we get into them, here is the stat line: 15-points (6 of 12 from the floor), 11 rebounds (career high) and 10 assists.

Lin came off the bench and played only 29 minutes. His teammate James Harden said, “that’s hard to do. It’s just hard to be able to score the basketball, grab rebounds and pass the ball and get your teammates involved off the bench as a point guard. It’s tough. But he’s talented enough to do it and he did it.”

Lin becomes the first Rocket record a triple-double off of the bench since Cedric Maxwell did it on March 31, 1988.

The triple-double comes on the night before the super bowl (I don’t know why that needs to be mentioned but I thought it would be cool to remember this for future trivia questions).

Lin said his teammate Harden called that last pick and roll to Dwight Howard for him. That last assist with 53 seconds remaining in the game completed the triple double. Lin says Harden was being unselfish all night.

The Rockets beat the Cavs 106-92 extending their winning streak to three games.

Lin is averaging 17 points 8 assists and 7 rebounds in his last 3 games.

Could the year of the horse translate into ‘Year of the Lin’?

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