The NBA begins its Chinese New Year festivities with Jeremy Lin ad, NBA China jerseys

A Chinese family invites Jeremy Lin, James Harden, and Benny the Bull over to their house to celebrate Chinese New Year by watching some NBA basketball.

You also get a rare scene of Jeremy Lin speaking a little mandarin. Earlier this season, a report that the Houston Rockets will wear Chinese New Year themed jerseys was released. On Monday, the Golden State Warriors announced they too will join the Chinese New Year festivities by releasing their own custom Chinese jerseys.

The Warriors will begin wearing the jerseys on February 20th and will wear them for three games while the Rockets will start rocking the Chinese jerseys on February 21st. Both teams will wear them for three games each.

“The Asian American population is very important to us,” said Chip Bowers, the Warriors chief marketing officer. “We’re the Bay Area’s NBA team, and we’re very bullish on building a stronger relationship.”


The popularity of the NBA is at an all-time high in China,” NBA China CEO David Shoemaker said. “We think fans will want these special-edition jerseys as another way to connect with their favorite teams, and we will look closely at doing more special retail items like this in the future.”

The Warriors have 1.5 million followers on Chinese social media site Weibo, more than any other NBA team. Their February 20th game will be broadcasted live in China on CCTV 5.

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