Japan 2024 Task Force elects Saburo Kawabuchi as new JBA president

The Japan 2024 Task Force, a group put in place to revive Japanese basketball and lift the Japanese Basketball Associations (JBA) ban from FIBA, elected Saburo Kawabuchi as the new president of the JBA.

Kawabuchi is currently the co-chairman of Japan 2024 Task Force. His Japanese pro sports resume includes nine years of professional soccer as a player, two years as a manager for a pro soccer club in Japan (JEF United Ichihara Chiba), six years as president of the Japanese Football Association, and has served as co-chairman of Japan 2024 Task Force since late 2014 (a position he was appointed to by FIBA).

At a recent press conference in Tokyo, Kawabuchi said it would take time for the once-sinking ship of Japanese basketball to have smooth sailing, but now with the new system the winds would be pushing the ship forward.

“I’m sure that the ship would ultimately take off in the air in the next 10, 20 years. As well as the support from the Japan Olympic Committee, Japan Sports Association and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, we are lucky to have had the backup of FIBA (to realize the reform),” says Kawabuchi.

FIBA will hold a a central board meeting from June 18 to June 20 where it will discuss the current status of the JBA. If FIBA decides to lift the ban set on the JBA, then Japan’s national team will participate at this year’s FIBA Asia Championships on September 23rd in Changsha, China.

With notes from The Japan Times.

Nick Bedard (@bedardnick) is the editor-in-chief of Basketballbuddha.com.

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