“Is North Korea up for some basketball?” – South Korea

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) has sent an invitation to North Korean officials for an exhibition game between the two countries.

KBL commission Han Sun Gyo released a statement saying, “Historically, South Korea and North Korea have had a great relationship in sports like table tennis and soccer. We hope that a basketball game between the two countries could relieve some of the tension that surrounds the Korean Peninsula.”


NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman with North Korean Lead Kim Jong-Un

The South Korean government has issued a request to commissioner Han to contact North Korea’s ‘pro’ basketball league (a league that possesses 130 basketball teams).

North Korea made basketball headlines this year when legendary NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman entered the country to sit courtside with North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un.

The North Korea vs. South Korea exhibition game would take place in South Korea sometime in August of this year.

At a 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying match between the two countries, the two teams had to relocate their match from Pyongyang (North Korea) to Shanghai due to North Korea’s restriction of the South Korean anthem to be played at their Kim Il-Sung Stadium.

Kim Jong-Un is big basketball fan. Kim Jong-Un is not a big South Korea fan. This could get interesting.

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