Guangdong signs Jeff Adrien as playoffs approach

The Guangdong Southern Tigers started off the season with Emmanuel Mudiay and Chris Daniels as their foreign players. As of now, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

While Mudiay was replaced in December by Will Bynum, Chris Daniels survived until just recently when Guangdong announced the signing of former Minnesota Timberlwolves forward Jeff Adrian. With the playoffs starting next week, you have to expect this to be the lineup going forward. Adrien is an undersized big who will clean up the glass and allow Yi Jianlian to contest shots without worrying too much about rebounds.

“This is my first visit to China,” says Adrien. “I thought I was going to be able to see the Great Wall.” When a Chinese asked him if being undersized is a disadvantage Adrien responded, “I’m not the tallest player out there, but I am the toughest.”

Adrien was a part of the 2009 UConn Huskies team that went to the final four. Kemba Walker was Adrien’s teammate on that Huskies squad.

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