Five strange situations from the first week of Chinese basketball

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Believe it or not, this is the Chinese Basketball Association’s (CBA) 20th season. A lot has changed since the league’s inaugural season in 1994. In twenty years, you shouldn’t have any more minute problems. But in China, they do things a certain way that might confuse the mass audience.

Here are five weird takeaways from the CBA’s first week of the regular season.

1. Press Passes

The media cards for the 2014-2014 CBA season are so poorly manufactured that the front label is pealing after day of usage. These cards are supposed to last all season. The CBA’s solution is to use a glue stick to glue the label back onto the plastic. Very strange but very true.

2. Team Photo Shoots

Every pro basketball team does team photo shoots prior to the season. They use these photos for marketing, game promos, and so on. But in China, it seems like photo shoots are just there for fun. These photos are bizarre, strange and just weird.

3. Preseason OK, Regular Season NO WAY


I’d like to introduce Wu Guanxi of the Shanghai Sharks. Wu Guanxi is a Chinese seven footer with a lot of potential who was signed by the Sharks this off-season. He played in their preseason games. But on the opening day of the season, the CBA sent a memo to owner Yao Ming saying that the team failed to provide the proper documents for Wu Guanxi and that is ineligible to play.

Wu Guanxi was strangely featured playing for the Shanghai Sharks in the official 2014-2015 CBA guide book. Here’s the question; if the team lacked the proper documents for Wu Guanxi, how was he able to play in the CBA preseason? Weird…

4. Bright Lights!

The CBA asked each and every arena to brighten their lights to allow a crystal clear presentation for their new HD broadcasting equipment. The problem is, many teams didn’t know what kind of lights were needed (they chose the cheapest route possible) and just installed some sort of LED spotlights. Teams are complaining, stating that the lights look like they could explode any minute and cause a fire.

5. Website Malfunctions

On opening night, the Beijing Ducks ousted the Guangdong Southern Tigers by a final score of 103-89. But if you following via the CBA’s official website, you might have thought the margin was much bigger than that. Until at least 30 minutes after the game, the CBA’s official website ( showed the final score to be 103-57. This problem might not be as weird as the one’s above, these type of IT errors tend to happen.

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