Fan throws bottle, hits player in face

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After a hard fought 104-86 win over the Xinjiang Flying Tigers, the home team fans in Liaoning got a little crazy (nothing surprising). Liaoning won the game, but fans were still outraged with the opposing team. For Liaoning fans, sportsmanship is not a part of basketball.

In a very unfortunate incident, Liaoning fans finally got exposed for what they really are, the absolute lowest class of fans. A fan tried to throw a water bottle at the opposing team but struck their star player Guo Ailun right in the face.

“Luckily, it didn’t hit my eye, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to play basketball again,” said Ailun, who answered questions after being released from a local hospital. Ailun’s cut was less than a centimeter under his eye.

“I hope what happen today is an example to all the fans. In the future, things like this can never happen again. I’m just so fortunate because it could have been much worst.” – Guo Ailun

It’s also important to notice how disorganised the facility staff were once this happened. Everybody gathered around Ailun with their phones and cameras without helping him out. There was no medical staff on sight. Security did a terrible job at isolating and protecting the area. It was complete chaos. A clear¬†representation of a franchise who was once fined by a former player (via FIBA) for not obeying a contract.

Ailun finished the game with 13 points and 3 assists. He is not expected to miss any time. No word yet from the CBA as to wether or not Liaoning will face sanctions for their disgusting act.

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