Errick McCollum scores 82 points in loss to Guangdong

Errick McCollum scored a whopping 82 points – the highest in CBA league history – and despite earning himself a spot in the record books his team wasn’t able to earn a win as they fell to the Guangdong Southern Tigers 129-119 on Friday night.

McCollum, who’s younger brother C.J. plays for the Portland Trailblazers, is in his CBA rookie season with the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions. The previous scoring record was held by Quincy Douby who scored 75 points two years ago. The irony is that Douby also played the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions. McCollum’s stat line is impressive. He shot the ball very well. Got the the line and made all but two of his 27 free throw attempt. He also gathered ten rebounds. His team however, forgot to show up. Take a look at his team’s box score below.

Errick 82 points box score

If McCollum’s 82 points looked easy in the CBA, just imagine how tough Kobe’s 81 points were in the NBA. Anybody who can score that many points in an 48 minute game is sure to have a lot of skill. McCollum will become a free agent next week. Don’t be surprised if some NBA teams come calling.

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