Emmanuel Mudiay to make CBA return tonight

Mudiay and Bynum

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Guangdong Southern Tigers are down two games to the Beijing Ducks in a best-of-five semi-finals series. So in this must-win game three, they are making a change to bring back 19-year-old Emmanuel Mudiay.

Mudiay played the first 10 games with Guangdong before going down with a knee injury, keeping him out for the remainder of the season. Former Detroit Pistons guard Will Bynum came in as his replacement and led the Southern Tigers to a perfect season not losing one-game with him at point-guard. Guangdong will drop American forward Jeff Adrien going with an all-American backcourt, Mudiay and Bynum. In his short CBA career, Mudiay averaged 17 points per game and six assists. Bynum was an instant success for Guangdong, he’s averaging 23 points and seven assists per contest.

This is a unique move by Guangdong in the sense that the Ducks have one guard (Marbury) and one forward (Randolph Morris) as their two imports. The Southern Tigers have former NBA lottery pick Yi Jianlian who is on the same level as most foreign big-men in the CBA. The two foreign guard lineup from Guangdong will be interesting, and might even be a trend setting move for years to come as Asian basketball players are starting to catch up with height.

The Beijing Ducks’ Marbury and Morris are looking for their third title in four years. Last season, they beat the same Guangdong Southern Tigers team in the semi-finals. This year, the Ducks won game 1 at home and game 2 in Guangdong taking a commanding 2 game lead in the best-of-five series.

Game-three tips off Saturday at 7:35 p.m. Beijing time.

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