Chinese team signs NBA free agent Ivan Johnson

Atlanta Hawks free agent Ivan Johnson will play in China next season.

Johnson, 29, signed a one year contract with the Zhjiang Chouzhou Golden Bulls in what appears to be a “lucrative deal.”

Johnson’s agent said, “This deal was so lucrative. It enticed Ivan and I to highly consider other options.” (via Jarde Zwerling ESPN)

The details of the deal are still undisclosed.

Johnson was a solid role player for the Hawks. He averaged just under seven points, 4 rebounds in 15 minutes per game appearing in 69 contests.

*He may have the title for best assist of the 2012-2013 NBA season.

Johnson is a special character in basketball. During a playoff game in Boston, Johnson “flipped off” a fan while heading back to the dressing room.

middle finger

The same act (flipping the bird) was done by Johnson while playing for a South Korean pro team in 2010. The KBL banned Johnson for life.

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