Chinese student dunks, then killed in freak accident

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It Credit union order was the dunk of death. A university freshman was killed attempting a slam dunk at a Chinese university.

Yuwo Yihang, of Jinggangshan University in Jiangxi province, threw down a slam dunk. While hanging on to the rim, the basketball net ripped from the concrete and the poled stabbed him in the chest area, according to university publicity chief Guo Chunxin.
 “The basket leaned down so it was easy for the 1.71m-height boy to reach. And there was problem with the base,” says Guo.
Yihang was pronounced dead by first aid staff on their arrival. His teammates were left in shock watching Yihang being escorted by a stretcher.
The game was being played outdoors using university equipment that could have been outdated. The basketball stand was installed in 2004 and the university was accountable for not checking the saftey, according to Guo.
Zhang Jian, a sale manager of a sports device company says “Overdue sports equipment is common in schools because of financial concerns.”
A city-wide sport equipment check-up is underway in Yihang’s hometown of Ningo. The city sport authority warned proper people to use equipment safely and stay alert to their condition.

This tragedy should should send shockwaves to schools around the world who allow the use of their sporting equipment.

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