Foshan GM throws basketball at Chinese player’s head after foul call

Foshan general manager didn’t appreciate Shanxi’s Duang JiangPeng’s dirty foul on Foshan’s Fadi Khatib. So he let Duang know about it. The Foshan GM, who was standing on the baseline, grabbed the game ball from the baseline and threw it at Duang striking him right in the back of the head.

The throw was perfect. You can see the GM really lining up the shot before firing the ball off the back of Duang JiangPeng’s head. Duang JiangPeng rushes the GM and the GM asks Duang JiangPeng is he wants to fight. But as you know, in China, the show must go on. And it was Duang JiangPeng and the Shanxi Brave Dragons who had the last laugh as they would go on to win 146-139 in overtime.

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