CBA ref suspended 15 games for alleged corruption

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It was game two of a best-of-five series between Hakeem Warrick’s Liaoning Leopards and Lester Hudson’s Xinjiang Tigers. It will forever be remembered as one of the most corrupted playoff games in CBA history.

Head referee Zheng Jun has been suspended 15 games for his ‘black whistle’ tactics throughout the game but most notably down the stretch.

WATCH the video below.

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With under a minute to play in the game and down by one point the Liaoning Leopards desperately needed a stop on defense for a chance to take the lead. James Singleton of the Tigers received the ball in the paint and fumbles it while shuffling his feet, no travel was called.  He (Singleton) then goes up for the layup but is blocked by Hakeem Warrick. All ball but wait, there is a whistle.

A jump ball?


Foul! Awarding Singleton two shots from the line.

That was only one of many questionable calls throughout the contest. The most controversial call of the night came with under ten seconds remaining in the game when the ‘Chinese Shaq” Dejun Han received the ball under the basket and was wrapped up before being thrown to the ground by a Tigers player; no call, time expires, game over.

If seeing is believing then one must believe that corrupt officials played a big part in the outcome of this game.

The Leopards did everything they could to protest the call, but the officials were having non of it. The visiting team even stayed in the gym until the lights were completely shut off to state their case.

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When the NBA suffered a corruption scandal from former NBA official Tim Donaghy the league partnered with the FBI to convict the official of 15 months in prison.

Now this is not the NBA and the word corruption is not as harsh in China as it is in America but when corruption meets basketball or any professional sports league it tarnishes the reputation of the sport.

It’s been reported that the CBA will adapt a new rule as early as next season granting teams to one “challenge” per game. Each team will have the opportunity to challenge one call per game. If the challenge is successful, the call is overturned and the team keeps their challenge. If the challenge fails, the call stands and the team loses their challenge and is charged a timeout.

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