Brawl erupts during WCBA match

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A full out brawl erupted during a Women’s Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) regular season match on Sunday, December 14th causing the game to be cancelled.

According to a report from one of the WCBA’s official media sites,

the brawl broke out after a series of “attempt to injure fouls from Zhejiang” took place.

An eye witness who was at the game stated they saw a Zhejiang player deliver a very intense foul to a Sichuan player who reacted by pushing the Zhejiang player. That led to both player pulling each others hair and falling over the advertisement barriers on the baseline. Both benches cleared and a total of four Sichuan players needed medical attention after the altercation.

This is another example of the problem Chinese basketball faces with the lack of referee control. Chinese referees are not trained with the sophistication needed to prevent situation like this. An official statement from the league office has yet to be released to the fans (and don’t expect one to be released anytime soon… or ever for that matter). Also no word on if this game will be rescheduled or not.

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