Another fight involving a foreign basketball team in China

The Serbian mens basketball team fell short to team China by a score of 82-77 thanks to a “patriotic whistle” coming from the home ref in Harbin, China.

The fight took place late in the game when a Serbian player bounced the ball off the foot of Chinese guard Allen Guo.

Now with 29 seconds to go in the game and the Serbians down by one possession of the basketball is very important. So when the Chinese said the ball went off of the Serbian guard and that China would take possession on the sidelines, he was basically handing the game over to team China.

And that’s when chaos broke out. Watch the video of a short tempered Chinese player going after the Serbian players.
[KGVID width=”640″ height=”358″][/KGVID]

Now it doesn’t look that bad in the video but for team China who used to be a basketball powerhouse in Asia, it’s more embarrassment to their disintegrating basketball program.

China faced a dark cloud when they broke out into a brawl during a basketball exibition game against Georgetown University in 2011.

And in 2010 when team China fought team Brazil during a game.

The video quality during the Australia vs. China fight is not great but the brawl itself is quite intense.

Notice that every one of these brawls happen in China. Well that’s due in large part to the poor judgments of the referees. The referees in China are pretty bad. And if they don’t call the game in favour of the Chinese then the crowd will go crazy and might even wait for the referee outside of the arena. It’s very intense.

Again, the Chinese in these videos need a healthy dose of anger management. The fans are known to be very angry at these games and go way out of line by doing things like throwing bottles, lighters and other objects on the floor during games and even attempt to flip the opposing team’s bus over after the game.

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