A MasterCard Center miracle; Beijing ralies to beat Shanxi

Down two points with only nine seconds remaining, Marcus Williams of the Shanxi Brave Dragons has the basketball in his hands as he watches the clock wind down.

Williams and the Brave Dragons just witnessed a huge second half run from the Beijing Ducks and this is their last chance to take back the game that was completely theirs in the first half.

He (Williams) fakes left before crossing over to his right. Every one in the 18,000 capacity MasterCard Center is on their feet.

Williams pulls up, releases the ball, the clock strikes two seconds while the balls hits the rim.


The shot is no good but the clock is still ticking.

One-second turns to zero. We are now milliseconds away from the end of this ‘oh so intense’ basketball game.

A Shanxi player comes out of nowhere and tips the ball in the hoop as the buzzer sounds.

“No good!”, scream the Beijing Ducks.

“It’s good!”, scream the Shanxi Brave Dragons.

Every eyeball in the arena is looking directly at the three officials who don’t seem to know the answer.

“This has got to be the most intense game of the season,” says a reporter from the media section.

The referees gather around the scorer’s table and look at the replay.

The Shanxi play who tip the ball did so while the red light that surrounds the backboard shines.

“NO BASKET! Ball game over,” says the head referee.

In the biggest arena of the biggest city in China, the intensity of a basketball game was at an all time high.

The Beijing Ducks fought every millisecond of the way to come out victorious 109-107 in front of a passionate Beijing crowd.

After playing 20 seconds shy of six minutes and contributing only two points in the first half, Damien Wilkins had his best performance of his short CBA season during the second half.

He shot 8 of 12 during the second half (0 for 1 during the first half) finishing with 31-points and seven boards.

Wilkins had the tough task of guarding Williams who finished with a game high 37-points along with five rebounds.

Williams was a threat in transition and was a key factor of holding Shanxi’s lead for a majority of the game.

Nick Bedard (@bedardnick) is the editor-in-chief of Basketballbuddha.com.

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